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How to Choose the Right Mortgage

Choosing the right mortgage for you can feel daunting. Learn more, and get tips and a

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Digital Banking Safety Tips

Make banking from your smartphone or device more convenient and straightforward.

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Fight Fraud With Positive Pay

Positive Pay is offered to our business customers as part of our Treasury Services.

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Navigating 2024 Tax Deductions and Credits in Michigan

We’ve collected the most important tax deductions and credits for you to know.

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What Is A USDA Rural Development Home Loan?

Federal backing of home loans offers% down payment mortgages.

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How To Start Saving For Retirement

About 1 in 5 people age 59+ don’t have a retirement account.

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Holiday Budgeting Tips: 8 Ways to Avoid Overspending This Holiday Season

Eight ways to avoid overspending on gifts, food and drink, travel, and more.

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The Procrastinator's Guide to Holiday Savings

For many of us, November and December kick off a season...

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life goals

Things to Consider When Buying a Second Home

Learn more about additional items to consider before making your purchase.

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Why Buy a Second Home in Michigan?

Still on the fence, read more about things to consider when buying a second home.

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Where to Buy a Vacation Home in Michigan: Top Lakeshore Destinations

Make the wisest investment that also meets your goals for the perfect vacation home.

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Can you spot a phishing scam?

The Federal Trade Commission’s report on fraud estimates that American consumers...

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A Dose of Cybersecurity Measures: 10 Tips to Enhance Cybersecurity for Your Small Business

In today’s always-connected world, cybersecurity threats are top of mind...

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Student Loan Repayments Resume in October, Are You Ready?

As advocates for financial wellness, we want you to be prepared.

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Enjoy Your Weekend, but Send the Scammers Phishing Elsewhere

Labor Day weekend marks the end of summer and the start of fall.

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Loan Origination Triggers: How to Stop Mortgage Loan Solicitations

Do you find yourself inundated with unsolicited sales calls, texts...

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What is A Wealth Manager and Do I Need One?

Making decisions that protect your most valuable financial assets.

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Simple Tips To Protect Yourself From Identity Theft

More than one million cases of identity theft were reported in 2022...

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How Much Money Do I Need to Buy A House?

Buying your first home is a big milestone. It’s an exciting process, but...

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5 Ways to Be a Savvier Saver

Things you can do to ensure you have room in your budget for savings,

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7 Financial Resolutions for A Successful New Year

Financial changes that can lead to improvements!

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How To Create A Budget And Stick With It

How to create and stick with a budget.

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Getting Your Small Business Ready for the Holidays

Ten tips will help you transform your business for holiday shopping.

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Online Shopping Safety Tips for the Holidays

The holiday shopping season is upon us and with that brings scammers...

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Working Behind the Screen: Meet Your Local PTM Staff

PTM Personal Bankers are local, working right here in our community.

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Banks Never Ask That

Can you spot a phishing scam?

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Best Deals: 2nd Home Financing

When it comes to financing a second home, we have you covered.

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Learn More About West Shore Bank's Bridge Loan

An option that can provide more control over your equity and your timeline.


We are Making Changes to our Overdraft Fees!

At West Shore Bank, we understand budgets can be tight and mistakes happen...

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Helping the Environment with Digital Banking

Did you know that digital banking also helps the environment...

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Things To Consider When Choosing a Checking Account

If you’re looking for a new checking account, look no further!

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West Shore Bank Receives Money Smarts Banking Award for Financial Literacy Education

West Shore Bank was named one of the top extraordinary banks.

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April is National Community Banking Month

When you invest in us, you invest in your community.

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Spring Has Sprung and So Should Your Savings!

Spruce up your finances with these timely tips to get started.

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Guard More Than Your Heart This Valentine's Day

In 2021, Americans lost $547 million to romance scams.

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5 Reasons to Use Your Digital Wallet

5 other reasons why you should start using a digital wallet today!