Debit Card Rewards

Earn Extra Awards® points by using your West Shore Bank debit card!
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Make your money count.

 Earn 1 point for every $4 you spend when you sign for purchases. 

How Does Debit Card Rewards Work?

You can redeem points for merchandise, gift cards, or travel. Even redeem your points for cash (minimum $50) by direct deposit into your West Shore Bank checking or savings account. Points are redeemable for 24 months after they are earned.

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Enjoy your Extra Awards® from West Shore Bank!

Not enrolled in Extra Awards? Enroll today. If you're not already a West Shore Bank account holder, explore our checking accounts and sign up today. 
Beginning March 29, 2022,  all cardholders will need to register their cards in our new Extra Awards platform. Every time a cardholder receives a new card, you will need to re-register.

Email address, Social Security Number and Zip Codes are all used as part of the enrollment verification process. The email address you use must match the email address associated with your debit card.

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Finance Your Dreams

Whether you need affordable financing to purchase your next car or a recreational vehicle, or you’re looking for a general personal loan to use for a variety of things, West Shore Bank can help.