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Spring Has Sprung and So Should Your Savings!

Now that Spring has arrived, it is the perfect time to clean out those cobwebs both at home and in your wallet! Now is the prime time to spruce up your finances and we are here to help you with these timely tips to get started.

The first step is to make sure you are reviewing your spending, creating a budget, and setting up automated savings. Not sure where to start, check out West Shore Bank’s MoneyTracker, a free tool where you can do monitor and manage your spending, easily build budgets, and set goals that will help you improve your overall financial situation.

Secondly, throw away your debt! Debt just bogs folks down and the less you have the more freedom you will have. Beginning with consumer credit cards, you want to tackle those with the highest interest rate, then review student debt and mortgages.
It is okay to self-evaluate and keep improving. Keep up the momentum, we know you’ve been hard at work trying to get that promotion or streamlining your spending—don’t stop striving to make better decisions both financially and personally.

Expand your contributions to your retirement plan. Any extra income or assets can help your retirement and future. Start by having a conversation today with the West Shore Bank Wealth Management team who can help you grow, preserve or transform your wealth.

Dust off those estate plans. It’s always a good idea to double-check your list of beneficiaries to see if anything has changed over time. Whether it’s a small change or a big one, trust West Shore Bank’s locally skilled expert advisors to help you navigate the ins and outs.

Put a new sparkle on your financial plan with the help of an adviser. You want an advisor who will protect and grow your investments and work towards a bright future for you, your family and your business. Start today, implement a plan to grow and preserve your investments for your financial well-being.

Sow the seeds of your financial future. It’s okay if you are just getting started or just thinking about financial goals—you can plant those seeds today, for it will only reap rewards later! Check out these 5 Ways to be a Savvier Saver.

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Now that Spring has arrived, it is the perfect time to clean out those cobwebs...