Mortgage Refinance

Turn to us when you’re ready to refinance your mortgage to save money on interest, lower your monthly payment, or convert home equity to cash.
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Change your destiny.

Refinancing your home can get you a lower interest rate, change the loan term to pay off your mortgage faster or lower the monthly payment.

Mortgage Refinance Options

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Rate and Term Refinance

Change your interest rate from adjustable to fixed, lower your rate, or change your loan term to lower your monthly payments or pay off the loan faster.
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Cash-out Refinance

Borrow more than the balance of your current mortgage loan and pocket the difference as cash to use however you want to such as home renovations, college expenses, paying off credit card debt, and more.

When to Refinance Your Mortgage?

Taking out a new mortgage loan involves paying closing costs, just as you did for your original home loan. So, before you refinance, ask yourself if you plan to stay in your home long enough to recoup the costs of refinancing through savings on interest.

People typically refinance when interest rates drop in order to secure a lower fixed rate on their mortgage. However, a cash-out refinance may make sense at any point when you want to borrow against your equity at an affordable rate.

Ready to Refinance a Mortgage?

Refinance your mortgage loan with an experienced, locally-based mortgage lender in your community. We possess local expertise in real estate markets along the lake shore spanning from West Michigan all the way to Northern Michigan. Our local loan processing gets you to closing days faster. Contact one of our mortgage lenders in Traverse City, Ludington, or Manistee, or apply online now!

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