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Enjoy Your Weekend, but Send the Scammers Phishing Elsewhere

Labor Day weekend marks the end of summer and the start of fall. It’s a time of reset as we transition from one season to the next. Some of us will take advantage of the plethora of deals offered by retailers, while others will head to the lake or a far-off destination to soak in some of the last days of warmer weather. However, while we’re all enjoying ourselves, scammers will be hard at work phishing for your personal information.

The promise of huge savings from many retailers and our minds focused on relaxation, the holiday weekend offers a variety of opportunities for exploitation. Don’t let anyone ruin your good time, stay diligent and protect your identity by recognizing common scams.

Exclusive Shopping Deals

*Queue the flood of Labor Day Sale announcements* Retailers offering 50, 60, and even 70% off your favorite items. You can’t beat that… and neither can the scammers. They formulate their emails to mimic those from large retailers, knowing they’ll blend right in. Learn the “4 Tips on How to Detect an Email Scam."

Travel Scams

Holiday weekends are a popular time for travel, causing prices to rise. During these times, offers of “free” stays or steep discounts on travel are especially enticing, but often not genuine. If you receive an email with an “out of this world” deal, protect yourself by not following links. Instead, check the hotel or airline site directly for specials and discounts. 

Missed or Late Payment Scams

You receive an email stating that you have a missed or late payment. Being in the vacation mindset, you panic and jump to make a payment. Think again, this is a common scam. Make sure you check your account in question directly first before clicking on any links.

*PRO-TIP* While these scams are all contextually different, here are some tell-tale signs to look out for:

  • A sense of urgency
  • Bad grammar and spelling mistakes
  • Suspicious attachments
  • Request for sensitive information
  • Email addresses, links, and domain names that don’t match up

Not every scam is recognizable, give yourself a piece of mind by signing up for one of our Secure or Interest Secure Checking Accounts with built-in IDPROTECT® - identity theft monitoring and resolution service. Learn more at

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Excerpt for Enjoy Your Weekend, but Send the Scammers Phishing Elsewhere

Labor Day weekend marks the end of summer and the start of fall...