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A wealth management plan can only succeed if it truly represents your needs, resources, responsibilities, and goals.  Your Wealth Management Advisor, supported by a multi-disciplined team, will customize an investment and wealth management plan unique to your assets, family values, and objectives. You can rest easy knowing that any recommended strategies will always be in your best interest, as determined by the following five phase process:

1.  Discovery of Your Goals, Objectives and Circumstances

Our team will engage you in a detailed discovery process aimed at understanding your current financial situation and goals. We’ll then analyze the information gathered to determine where you are versus where you want to be in the future.

2.  Work Together to Develop Your Wealth Management Plan

Using the information gathered in the discovery process, we will develop a set of financial solutions designed to maximize your chances of meeting your financial goals.  Through our review and discussion of this analysis, we will develop a long-term investment plan that is consistent with your needs, risk tolerance, and tax circumstances.  Ultimately, the resulting investment portfolio will be coordinated with all other aspects of your financial plan and will become the foundation for reaching your objectives.

3.  Implement Plan and Engage

We answer any questions about the plan, make necessary adjustments and prepare for implementation, which may include opening accounts to facilitate investment management, fiduciary services, risk management and many other services.

4.  Updates & Follow-Up

Throughout the implementation process, we will communicate with you frequently to make sure everything is progressing as expected.  We will always be available to answer questions and clarify anything that is not clear, so you never have to wonder where the process stands.

5.  Fine Tune & Feedback

Through our collaborative process, we will connect with you regularly to discover and evaluate new developments and make adjustments in your plan assuring you are progressing toward your long-term goals.