Ryan Popa

Ryan Popa is a Traverse City native, born and raised.

Growing up he was actively involved in sports of all kinds, in and outside of school, which allowed him to build relationships and be a part of a team from a very early age. Ryan later attended Western Michigan University where he received his bachelor’s degree in accountancy in 2010.

Shortly after, he returned home where he would lay down his roots and officially begin his career in banking as a commercial credit analyst at a community bank. This opportunity played a fundamental role in his growth both personally and professionally. It was easy for Ryan to see the value in working for a local community bank simply because it aligned perfectly with who he was and is as a person. It supported his core values, the way he was raised by his family, and he knew it would lay a strong foundation for all his choices and decision-making moving forward.

Ryan has a unique perspective on banking having served in many different capacities including the roles of a commercial credit analyst, personal banker, client service manager, and eventually commercial loan officer from years 2010 – the present day. This widespread knowledge of the industry allows him to transition from one area to the next with ease, instilling confidence and trust in his clients, which lets him focus his time on the heart of what he loves, which is providing great service and building client relationships.

An avid outdoorsman, Ryan spends a lot of his free time hunting, fishing, golfing, boating, and of course, spending time with his family and close friends. These are things he is very passionate about and would not find nearly as much joy in them if he were not sharing the experiences with the people he loves. He and his wife, Brianna, grew up together and they have two kids, Henry and Grace.