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Following the steps in the investment management process are critical in the establishment and management of a sound and prudent client investment portfolio.

Investment Plan

  • Each client has unique goals and objectives and our investment approach centers on establishing a prudent investment plan which clearly understands and identifies your goals and objectives, risk tolerance, cash needs and tax position
  • With the investment plan in place, we will then customize a portfolio to help achieve your long-term goals while controlling the amount and types of risk undertaken

Asset Allocation

  • We believe asset allocation is the key decision in meeting your long-term goals
  • Consistent with your investment plan, a target asset allocation is established along with permitted ranges to provide flexibility with investment strategies
  • Investment guidelines are in place and monitored to ensure your asset mix stays consistent with your investment plan

Portfolio Construction

  • A vital part of portfolio construction is prudent risk management
  • We believe in the benefits of diversification for managing the risk and return profile of a portfolio
  • The focus of risk centers on how all the investments perform as a total portfolio as opposed to the inherent risk of any single investment vehicle
  • Portfolios will be diversified at the asset class, sub-class, industry and geographic levels
  • We are cost conscious when constructing a portfolio and will incur only reasonable costs

Disciplined Investment Approach

  • We employ a consistent and disciplined “top-down” investment approach
  • We begin with an assessment of economic conditions and capital market trends
  • Based upon this assessment, we establish a tactical asset allocation strategy
  • Tactical asset allocation strategies are long-term in nature, are consistent with established investment guidelines, and are approved monthly by the management committee
  • We are certain the benefits of time in the market greatly outweighs the risks of timing the market
  • We will actively manage your risk expectations through education and communication