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The ATM Just Got Real!

Personal Teller Machines (PTM) at West Shore Bank let you talk to a live Personal Banker from the convenience of your car.

How is a PTM different from an ATM?

Although it looks and functions much like an ATM, simply tap the screen to speak to a West Shore Bank Personal Banker. You and the Personal Banker will be able to see each other using video cameras and hear one another through built-in speakers.  You’ll have the experience of interacting with a live West Shore Bank employee who will guide you through your transaction and answer your questions.  You can still use the machine as a regular ATM too.  Just insert your card to use it as an ATM.

What can I do at a PTM?

You can do many of the same things you can do inside the bank branch, including:

  • Cash and deposit checks
  • Deposit cash
  • Make a loan payment
  • Make withdrawals in many common denominations (50’s, 20’s, 5’s and 1’s available)
  • Break a larger bill
  • Ask questions about your account

How does a PTM work?


What hours can I interact with a live Personal Banker using the PTM?

Mon - Thu:  7:30 AM – 5:00 PM

Friday:         7:30 AM – 6:00 PM

Saturday:    7:30 AM – Noon

Be sure to say “hi” to our live bankers during these hours - we love to hear from you!


Frequently Asked Questions


How do I cash or deposit a check?

We can cash your check to the exact amount. You won’t need a deposit slip or an envelope. All you do is touch the screen and a Personal Banker will appear on screen to assist you with cashing your check.  The Personal Banker will ask you to insert the check into the deposit slot.  An image of your check will appear on the screen, and you can let us know if you want to deposit it or cash it.

If you want to deposit the check and get some cash back, you’ll get a reduced image of your check on your receipt for your records.

How do I make a cash deposit?

The Personal Banker will ask you how many bills you have.  (The PTM is not able to accept coin.)  Once you have told the Personal Banker how much you are depositing, you will insert the bills into the machine. The PTM will read and count each bill and will display the deposit amount on the screen for verification.  The Personal Banker will verify that it matches with the amount you expected.

REMINDER:   If you have several bills, you can only insert 45 bills at a time.

How do I make a deposit with cash and checks?

The PTM does not need a deposit ticket, saving you time. You will be asked how much cash you have and the amount of your total deposit.  Just insert your cash (bills only, no coin) and checks into the PTM with the guidance from our Personal Banker.  They will then verify what the machine has taken in and give you a receipt that includes a copy of the checks deposited.

How will you know what account to put it in since the PTM does not take deposit slips?

Our Personal Banker will verify your account number to ensure your deposit is credited to the correct account.

What if the PTM counts a different amount that I expected?

Our Personal Banker will verify the amount that the machine has counted.  If it is different than what you expected, the Personal Banker will reject the cash back to you.  The exact money you inserted into the machine will be given back to you. 

When will my deposit credit to my account?

PTM deposits are generally credited to your account before you leave, just as if you came inside the Bank to make your deposit. 

If you make a deposit using the ATM function after 3:00 pm (not touching the screen for assistance), it will not post until the next business day.  If you touch the screen and talk with a Personal banker after 3:00 pm, you will generally have access to your funds right away, so be sure to take advantage of the PTM!

Can I break a $50 at the PTM?

Yes! You can break a larger bill or even consolidate smaller bills into larger ones during our banker-assisted PTM hours. Simply touch the screen to start the process. You can also make withdrawals in many common denominations – 50’s, 20’s, 5’s and 1’s available.

Can I use the PTM without my debit or ATM card?

Yes, during our PTM hours listed above, you do not need to insert a card!  Just tap the screen to receive assistance from one of our live Personal Bankers.  We may ask you to show your driver’s license for verification purposes.

Can I use the PTM without talking to a Personal Banker?

Sure! Just insert your debit or ATM card into the machine and use it as an ATM. It will function just like an ATM until the screen is tapped.

How do I pay my loan through the PTM?

Simply use cash, a check or make a transfer from your West Shore Bank account.  It will process just as if you came inside the bank and worked with a teller.

Is there a delay in transactions made through the PTM?

No, your account will be updated just as timely as when you come inside the Bank.

Are the interactive personal bankers West Shore Bank employees?

Yes, they are! We wouldn’t let just anybody handle your money. All interactive Personal Bankers have the same expertise as the staff you know and trust inside the bank lobby.  They are located locally and trained to provide superior service in a quick and timely manner.