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Press Release

2023.05.24 West Shore Bank Presents 125th Customer Appreciation Events Along the Lakeshore

2023.05.12 West Shore Bank Awards Eleven "Making a Difference" Scholarships

2023.05.04 West Shore Bank Donates to the Community Foundation of Mason County Grant Program

2023.03.02 West Shore Bank Matches Donations for the Ludington Rotary Club

2023.02.10 West Shore Bank Making a Difference Scholarship Now Available to High School Seniors

2023.01.27 West Shore Bank Announces 2023 Rhythm and Dunes Lineup

2023.01.26 West Shore Bank Commemorates 125 Years of Making a Difference

2022.12.20 West Shore Bank to Provide Personal Finance Curriculum to More Michigan Schools

2022.12.07 West Shore Bank Best in Banking - As Seen in Forbes and Fortune

2022.12.06 West Shore Bank Complete 14th Annual Spirit of Giving Fundraiser

2022.10.18 West Shore Bank Expands Wealth Management Team in Muskegon

2022.09.30 West Shore Bank Kicks Off Spirit of Giving Fundraiser to Support Community Members in Need

2022.09.27 Mason County Garden Club Awards West Shore Bank with the 2022 Landscape Design and Civic Beautification Award

2022.09.26 West Shore Bank to Host a Safe Banking Workshop Geared to Help Protect Elderly Against Scams

2022.09.26 West Shore Bank to Host a Safe Banking Workshop Geared to Financial Caregivers

2022.09.21. West Shore Bank Helping Small Business Owners Tackle the Financial Side of Business Through a Free Event

2022.09.14 West Shore Bank to Host a Safe Banking Workshop Geared to Help the Public Identify and Avoid Scams

2022.08.10 West Shore Bank's Rhythm and Dunes Concert Series Raises over $15,000 for Local High School Music Programs

2022.08.02 Raymond Biggs Appointed Treasurer for the Michigan Bankers Association Executive Committee

2022.06.10 West Shore Bank Named As "Red Hot Best - Best Place to Bank"

2022.05.26 Jeremy Hawke Announced As The New Leader For Compliance and Internal Audit Upon Gary Schlinkert's Retirement

2022.05.09 West Shore Bank has just been named one of the top extraordinary banks in the United States by The Institute for Extraordinary Banking™

2022.01.19 West Shore Bank Announces 2022 Rhythm & Dunes Concert Lineup

2021.12.16 West Shore Bank Completes 13th Annual Spirit of Giving Fundraiser

2021.11.15 West Shore Bank Corporation Completes $20 Million Offering of Subordinated Notes

2021.08.17 West Shore Bank's Concert Series Benefits Local High School Music Programs

2021.06.21 West Shore Bank's Car Wash Benefits MCC Nature Center

2021.06.07 West Shore Bank to Host Rhythm & Dunes Concerts at Waterfront Park

2020.12.10 Spirit of Giving Christmas Meal Fundraiser Results

2020.12.03 West Shore Bank Donates to RRP - 4 additional businesses receive grants

2020-06-24 Traverse City Office Announcement

2020.05.22 West Shore Bank's Rhythm & Dunes Concert Series Postponed to 2021

2020.04.16 West Shore Bank Assists Hundreds of Local Businesses

2020.03.24 COVID-19 Relief Programs Announced

2020.02.23 Rhythm & Dunes Lineup 2020