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Set Spending Targets in MoneyTracker

Set Spending Targets in MoneyTracker

Track Your Spending with MoneyTracker

Do you have a monthly or weekly budget, or do you spend as you go? Even if you don't want to set up a budget, West Shore Bank can help you categorize your spending and see where your money is going.

Our budgeting tool, MoneyTracker, can track your expenses and set up spending targets through your online banking portal.

With MoneyTracker, you can:

  • Set a monthly budget
  • Set customized spending targets for dining out, transportation, groceries, payments, etc.
  • Track cash flow to determine the best time to schedule payments
  • Set goals (save for a house, pay off loans/credit cards, etc.)
  • Sync accounts from other banks, investment firms and credit card providers to get a complete financial picture
  • Add personal notifications such as balance alerts or bill reminders


How to Set a Spending Target

STEP 1: Login to online banking and select the MoneyTracker tab

STEP 2: Select the Budget tab within the MoneyTracker dashboard

STEP 3: Select Add A New Spending Target

STEP 4: Indicate the tags or categories you want to track (Dining Out, Coffee, Groceries, etc.), name the spending target and set a monthly limit

STEP 5: Select Add Spending Target to confirm new spending target